After dinner in Roncesvalles (where we are suppose to be)

Well, our second day of walking had just as much beauty as the first and the weather was more than cooperative (low 70s, sunny). The challenge involved the terrain we covered. The guidebook said we were walking just under 13 miles. My Fitbit said we walked something over 18. This was because the Fitbit calculates miles based on steps taken and the steeper the climb or descent, the smaller the footsteps.
The climb up (first eight miles) was basically all up, but the killer came after lunch when we embarked on a very steep descent on a rocky trail. Imagine walking down a steep hill for three miles. By the time we got to town, John was tired and I was shot. The good news is we took our time and John did a good job making sure I was ok every step of the way. Needless to say, we feel very proud we are here.

As we cleaned up, I checked the route for tomorrow and discovered it was close to what we had today, but for seventeen miles. I missed this when I had been doing my research because I thought today’s walk would not be as difficult as it was. After striking out using the Internet to see if we could find a room in a town a little closer, John suggested we see if the hotel receptionist could help us. A great suggestion because it worked. That’s the reason for the kiss.

We now have a walk of a little over 13 miles! We were so happy we went to the restaurant to have a beer/Coke Zero and discovered there was a Pilgrim Mass starting at the church next door that evening. So, after enjoying a pilgrim’s dinner with a French couple and an Italian family (a pilgrim dinner has three courses served fast at a slightly reduced rate), we went to a beautiful Mass, gave thanks for our good fortune, and came back home to get sone sleep.