On Our Way

Slept the sleep of the dead. Ate almost everything in sight at breakfast. Arranging for back pack shipment to Orrison simple. Now I must have faith.

Pilgrim shop where we got our Pilgrim Passports about 30 yards from the hotel. Bought sandwiches and and an apple nearby, as well as our scallop shells. Decided to wait to buy cell phones until we are in Spain.

After final adjustments, finally started walking around 11:30. Beautiful weather and gorgeous country. Beautiful beyond description. John has the right word: breathtaking. Special feeling doing our first rosary as we slowly scaled these incredible hills.

John has been a saint in all he does to try and help me. Only problem is my guardian angel must feel he has been left with nothing to do!

Stopped at a little refuge for a coke (me) and a juice (John) and lunch. First of what I hope will be many enjoyable discussions with fellow pilgrims. There really is something magical about everyone knowing they are on the same journey.

Guess what? No bugs. It does make a difference. As does walking through new country all the time. There is always something new to see.

Arrived at Orrison around 2:30. No wifi so this  post will not go out until we get to our next hotel tomorrow. We are very pleased with our Orrison decision.  It was a nice distance to walk the first day after long trip here from the States. The physical facility is very clean and well organized.   Help seems nice. AND my backpack was here, just waiting for me. Only possible drawback is the food. Plain but plentiful at dinner. Just plain at breakfast.

As I suspected, meeting fellow pilgrims (and there are about thirty staying here tonight) wonderfully affirming.  Openness and willingness to share both who they are and what they have seem to be common traits. I think this is what Jesus intended. There must be a dozen different countries represented in the group staying here.