A New Day

Based on yesterday’s culinary experience, I may have over corrected at breakfast this morning: yogurt, Frosted Flakes, juice, ham sandwich, cookies and coffee.

We are both a bit sore but in good spirits. Today we have only 13 miles (“only”13…isn’t it interesting how perspectives  change?). But we do have to go up and over a rather imposing hill. And, oh yes, today it is going to rain. We hope to get over the top of the hill and past the steep part of the descent (how did I miss this would be my most challenging part of each day’s walk?) before it starts, but we are only averaging three kilometers an hour so it will be close.  Rain scheduled to start between 2:00 and 3:00, but the currently overcast skies say it may be earlier.

My legs are lethargic today. Guess it is to be expected.

Surprisingly, I really like the coffee in Spain. John even had me half way convinced to try an expresso.

So, you might wonder, what has been our biggest crisis?  Probably a sign of how well things are going, but our biggest crisis involves the loss of both adapters that allow us to plug our iPhones into Spanish current. It is a small brown thing that is easy to forget when you are used to just pulling the iPhone cord and adapter out of an eldctrical socket. When we discovered we had lost the second one last night, we thought our iPhones might actually run down to the point they stopped working, but the receptionist at the hotel we were in saved us with an adapter he gave us.

My biggest frustration of the trip involves learning how to store things in my back pack. I can never seem to remember which of the several compartments a specific item is in, and then the item almost invariably ends up on the bottom of the compartment I stored it in. I am sure I will get better but am so glad men don’t carry hand bags!

My feet continue to do surprisingly well. Still no callouses (cross your fingers), and my feet don’t feel any worse than when I was doing my New Hampshire training. I do find I can walk slightly faster when I just carry my trekking poles rather than use them. This works only on flat surfaces as the poles are absolutely indispensable going up and down hills, particularly down.

Then there is the hill we had to climb. It turns out it seemed like a big challenge until we just started up it. I admit I had to stop walking to catch my breath a  couple of times, but the longer we walked, the less daunting the hill seemed to be. Until finally we reached the top, where there are life size metal silhouettes of pilgrims with wind turbines in the background. I remenbered the scene from “The Way” and had John take a picture of me.

On the way down the other side, done very carefully and slowly, I reflected on the fact many of the supposed problems in my life are like that hill. No matter how imposing they seem before dealing with them, once I get headed in the right direction and just keep moving, the problem seems to become less the further I go. Until, in many cases, I end up wondering why they ever seemed so daunting to begin with

And the rain? Nothing except for a few drops around three. However the overcast sky and almost constant breeze made the day a beautiful one for walking. Until, around 4:00, it cleared off and zoomed into the low 90s almost immediately.  Shortly after this happened I started fantasizing about having a lemonade. We are each drinking a gallon us of liquids each day, but for some reason, the thought of lemonade seemed almost irresistible.

You won’t believe it, but as I rounded the next bend, there was …you got it…a lemonade stand. And who did I find there? Our lovely Spanish family with six kids. I didn’t have one lemonade. I had two!

Love to all