First Sunday

Tried going to Mass last night. Turned out to be a praying of the rosary. There is a good Pilgrim Mas this evening in Estella (where we are headed) and we will go to it.

I am feeling good after an excellent night’s sleep. Will be interesting how the next two days go. These are the sixth and seventh days of walking, days I took off from my training in New Hampshire.

Promise of sun and lower (78) temperatures. Hallelujah.

As we left Puente La Reina, we crossed an beautiful old Roman bridge. John was nice enough to go down to a more modern bridge 50 yards away to take a picture of me. I think you will recognize the bridge. There are two pictures: one so you can see the bridge, and a close up that lets you see me.

Walking today involved lots of hills to climb, and carefully descend, but every once in a while we were rewarded with stunning views of vineyards, olive trees, rolling hills and hilltop towns. Or a small field of sunflowers. Plus there was a lovely  breeze than seemed to appear just when needed most.

Finally got to Estella about 5:30, but it took almost another hour to find our hotel. Partially because we were tired. Partially because Estella, which James Michener loved in the book I read, was larger and more industrialized than I imagined it would be. I won’t mind leaving tomorrow.

How do I feel? Tired. Aches no worse than usual. Proud. Glad John is with me to keep me from getting lost. 😊