Wifi gone…last two stages tomorrow

Hi, This is Frannie. Bill asked me to write because the Wifi is such a problem in Santo Domingo where they are today. Had a lovely Face Time chat with him (he looks wonderful!) today on their first “day off.” This really a misnomer because they had to spend a lot of time re-doing their reservations for the next couple of weeks. They plan way ahead, but if they are slowed down one day, the rest of the reservations  need to be changed. Random comments:

John loves trying all the new foods and when he finds one he likes he can eat really fast:-)

Trekking poles are beyond priceless.

The Pilgrimage is all Bill had hoped for and more.

The days go by in a flash when you are working this hard. They had thought they would get to their B&Bs by mid-afternoon, but it is more like 5 or 6. This is in large part due to the unexpectedly hot temperatures. The 90’s are supposed to break in a couple of days and they expect some rain. As a result when they arrive they wash clothes, journal briefly and eat and go to bed. There is almost no spare time. They plan to be up very early tomorrow heading for Delorado.

As I suspected, John is taking marvelous care of Bill I have no worries, thank you John!! Buon Camino XXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOO