Back at it…

Knowing it was going to be another hot day, we started with breakfast at 6:45 and were on our way by 7:15.

The walk was only 14 miles but we hoped to get most of it (10 miles) done by 1:30, when we planned to stop for lunch. Big help was the changing nature of the landscape. The mountains are all but a memory and have been gradually replaced by gently rolling hills and wide open space. Vaguely reminds me of parts of Montana.

Every once in a while there was even a reminder of why we are here.

The mix of fellow pilgrims has changed. Gone are some (like the family with six kids) who have finished their journey on the Camino, at least for this year. In their place are many newcomers who have just begun their walk. Probably tilted toward twenty and thirty year olds. So…I have a whole new batch of people who really want to ask me if I am ok (based on my pace) but end up settling for a discussion of where we are from and how far we are going. Most are touched by the relationship John and I have. Of course we continue to run into old friends like our three Irish buddies who joined us for a snack about mid morning at one of the little towns we passed through.

Finished by 2:30, which was a new record for us. It is not that we are walking much faster. I think we are just getting more efficient at all parts of this journey. But the basic routine is the same: follow the signs so you know you are headed in the right direction, and then keep moving.

Staying at a modest hotel called A Santiago in Belorado, which appears well organized  and  staffed by friendly people. One in particular, Christine, speaks good English and was very helpful in resolving a couple small problems we had with future reservations by making two phone calls for us.

She also was nice to observe.

Good to have a couple hours to relax. We plan on going to the 6:30 Vigil Mass, have dinner, and then get things ready for tomorrow before turning in. Fortunately, there is a fan in the room, which makes the temperature seem almost ok.

Blessings to all, and thanks for the prayers.