On to San Juan de Ortega…

Went to Pilgrim Mass last night in a church that has been holding services for pilgrims since early 1300’s.

Felt like time had stopped inside

Except for a powerful modern banner

The inscription reads “walk with us.” I loved the image of Jesus’ face. Afterwards went out to dinner with our two Irish friends Fr. Paul and Brian (the third member of their party had already left for home). We had dinner in the midst of a Spanish festival of some kind. Unfortunately, they both are stopping tomorrow.

John and I were both a little apprehensive about today’s walk. The gently rolling hills I described yesterday turned into some pretty steep up and downs mid-day, just when it was getting hot.

The walk ended up on a fairly wide path meandering through forest that was infested with small noseeum type bugs which danced in front of your face.
The walk seemed endless.

We remained in good spirits, howeve, taking several breaks.

Once again, just following the signs and keeping at it led to arriving at our destination, San Juan de Ortega (another centuries old pilgrim stop) around 5:00.

It is a lovely place totally devoted to serving pilgrims on the Camino.

John was so excited, he had to stop and smell the roses….

When we were checking in, several Italians who had spoken to John and me several times during the day asked if they could have their picture taken with me.

John says I am becoming a “cult” hero walking the Camino at my age.

We had a simple dinner and are now preparing for tomorrow. I have a number of reflections on what I am learning as I walk and hopefully will be able to start including them in this blog soon. This is truly a journey of the body, mind and Spirit.

One last piece of good news. Weather suppose to break tomorrow but the price was going to be rain all day. New weather report now says weather will cool off some but no rain.

Blessings to all. I continue to pray for everyone praying for us.

Thank you, Frannie.