And then to Burgos… Bill asked me to let you know the Wifi is very poor where they are today. They are in a beautiful place outside Hornillos. The cast for The Way (Camino movie) stayed here it is absolutely lovely. Hopefully he will be back online tomorrow. XO, Frannie

Left early again, partially because no breakfast was served where we were staying.

Stopped at our first village for a delightful breakfast at a very attractive and well run establishment. I think we set a record for what any two people were able to eat in one meal!

Only one real hill the whole day, and we were rewarded at the top with another cross.

From then on, it was back to gently rolling hills and an occasional village.

One of the ways we feel like the Lord is looking after us involved passing rain storms, which always (at least today) seemed to just miss us. The following picture is of country we had just passed through.

When we got within three miles of Burgos, we ended up on a tree lined path running alongside a river that took us within 1/4 mile of our hotel.

After getting our “household” chores done ( laundry, showers, laying out clothes for the next day, any medical treatment needed and so on), we walked down to an area that featured “tapa” (small delicious combinations of food on small pieces of bread) bars, and there we had our fill.

Picked up small sweets on our way back to the hotel, where we ran into our friend Fr. Paul. It turns out he is NOT going home tomorrow (only Brian is). In the course of our conversation, we discovered we plan to arrive in Santiago about the same time. He said he wants to say a Mass there and asked if I would be interested in assisting him as Deacon. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to finish our trip?

We finished our first two weeks of walking today.

Feeling good. Feeling very blessed. Feeling led.

Blessings to all.