John’s First Day Back

The most important news today is John walked the whole 14+ mile route and is feeling fine. It was a good day for him to get back in the saddle as the ground we covered was almost all flat and the weather was cooperative, at least until mid afternoon. John also did a admirable job of pacing himself and taking multiple 10 minute breaks.

Our route today started in open country, but notice the subtle increase in greenery ( we really are getting close to the end of the Meseta).

Once in the greenery, open country alternated with tree lined pathways.

Late morning we entered a good sized town  named Sahagun, where we saw some nice churches and had sandwiches and pastries for lunch.

Afterwards, we started on the longest leg of the day, almost eight miles in open country.

By then the temperature was trending toward the mid 70s, which, after the cooler weather of the last few days, felt much warmer. It looked like it would be a real slog to get through the afternoon.

But then, another Camino coincidence happened.

About an hour into our walk, we approached three trees off to the left of the pathway.

Underneath the middle tree were two fellow pilgrims we had encountered several times since we started our pilgrimage, Nidia from Sydney, Australia (in the background in the following picture) and Sheldene from Johannesburg, South Africa. They urged us to join them, and when we did, fed us fresh peaches and chocolate. Sleldene even provided a back rest for me!

We had a delightful visit with them and, reenergized, made the rest of the way to our hotel in Calzadilla de Los Hermsnillos.

We are staying in what seems to be a simple but nice hotel. We hope to get the cook tonight to make us some sandwiches for tomorrow because our 15 mile trek has no towns of any kind on it. That way we can get an early start.

We are both in good spirits but famished (dinner not served for another 45 minutes).

Blessings to all. Thanks for the prayers. We can feel them.