Out of León

León did not impress. Perhaps it was just the indifferent receptionist at our hotel, a mediocre dinner after pigeons dive bombed us while we were trying to have a drink, or just the fact we didn’t take the time to look around. But for me, León looked like just another city.

Perhaps the most interesting sight was walking by a “Jacotrans” minivan. Jacotrans is the company that moves my backpack each day and they seem well organized.

A good part of the morning was spent walking through towns on the outskirts of León.

At s bar we stopped at for late breakfast/early lunch, we ran into two German gals we had met our first night on pilgrimage at Ortison (don’t know their names).  They seemed delighted to discover we were still on the Camino.

I discovered afterwards from John their “delight” was probably caused by their surprise I was still making a go of it. A significant (not sure of the exact number) percentage of people who start in St. Jean end up dropping out for various reasons, and apparently that first night at Orrison I was at the top of most people’s Least Likely to Succeed list.

One thing I haven’t mentioned before are the various statues and other small tributes  to Camino pilgrims you find along the way as you walk. So I took a picture of one.

Around noon we got back out into the country.

We took our time, partially because John sensed a little stiffness in his lower left leg. Some of the places we stopped were beautiful and we enjoyed just being.

Around 4:00 we arrived at the town we would be staying in, Villar de Mazarife. We are in a small private room at an Albergue, which is the name given to places that rent bunk beds for the night. This means we will be joining a bunch of other pilgrims for both dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow. I am looking forward to the experience.

Blessings to all. Thanks for the prayers. I feel great.