A Long Day’s Walk…Wednesday, Sept. 9

Because we knew we had over 19 miles to walk,  we rose, had breakfast and were on our way a little after 7:00, about twenty minutes before sunrise.


The Camino led us out into flat country.

 The overcast sky on the horizon never produced any rain but helped hold the temperatures down, which made for better walking conditions.

The land just seemed to go on and on, always rising slowly, with a gradual change in the shrubbery we walked along.

 The intermittent villages we came across gave us the opportunity for breaks and the opportunity to exchange stories.

 We did encounter several people from the previous evening, these two a nice couple from Quebec City. The husband Rene has a great sense of humor.

 The countryside was beautiful and the towns quite attractive,

but it just went on…

 and on….

 Notice the mountains in the distance. This is what we will be in within the next two days.

As always, I was cheered by the roadside wild flowers. While not as plentiful, this purple cousin of the small blue flowers I had enjoyed for so many days provided encouragement as I just kept walking, focusing only on putting one foot in front of the other.

Finally, around 4:00 PM, we came to a Cantina run by a Spanish couple. While very basic, the free water and fruit was a big lift. Not just the nourishment, for we now knew we were within two hours or so of our destination.

Approximately a half mile later we came to this cross, which overlooks the valley containing Astorga, the town we were heading for.

After getting a picture taken of the two of us,

we headed out to tackle the last three and one half miles. In the following picture, you can actually see Astorga in the distance. Tantalizing when you know you have more than three miles to walk.

Stopping only for a water refill,

we finally arrived at our hotel around 6:00 PM, exhausted but triumphant.

The hotel was nice, the personnel working there very helpful, and we had a good dinner. One of the nice extras was a free minibar for pilgrims in the room, containing one beer,two sodas and cold water.  I collapsed into bed a little before 10:00.