Into the Foothills…Thursday, Sept. 10

As we were leaving Astirga this morning, I regretted not having more time to look around. There is a good feel to the place, including some impressive buildings.

Interestingly, the building on the left was the Cathedral, the one on the right used to be the Bishop’s palace. Says something about the power of Church historically in Spain.

Only a 13 mile day, a fact we were grateful for after yesterday. While hard to see in the pictures the land was gently rising all day long.

As on other parts of the Camino, there were  rest areas available along the way.

We, however, tended to stop whenever we felt like it (this was actually John waiting for me to catch up).

Periodically, we would see the signature sign for the Camino.

and, every once in a while, surprise encouragement (remember the 790 km from the Roncevalles sign?).

Another interesting aspect of the Camino is what happens to wire fences that happen to boarder the path. See the crosses?

And, different from yesterday, we arrived at our hotel at 3:00 PM. Hurrah!

Surprise, surprise when we arrived. They didn’t have a room with two twin beds so we have two small single rooms right next to each other. Makes it easier to do and then hang laundry, and so on.

The next two days will be challenging so an extra prayer would be helpful if possible. John’s leg is acting up again but he insists he is going to give it a go.

Blessings to all. Thanks for caring.

PS. And special thanks to my two best friends