Friday, September 11

Today was the most challenging day we have experienced on the Camino. We left Rabanal a little before 8:00 and spent the next four hours climbing a mountain. We then were forced to cut short our visit to the “Cruz de Ferro,” a spot renowned for depositing stones you had carried for some time as a symbol of your sins (I had a stone I have been carrying since a year ago July). Unfortunately, tour buses showed up just as we got there and the place was crawling with tourists. So we each said a silent prayer, deposited our stones, and went on our way.

After a brief break at a bar, we then spent the next seven plus hours coming down the other side.  The trip was made particularly difficult by the incredibly uneven surface of the path. We finally arrived at our hotel in Molinaseca around 7:30 PM.

I guess you could say we had an up and down day. Pictures will follow when I have time.

Blessings to all