Day 7 September 16

More rain and more wind. Unfortunately, no pictures. Up and down over a hill and then a long slog to Sarria, which is only 111 kilometers from Santiago. We are close enough now that every Camino marker has the distance to Santiago on it.

Biggest excitement today occurred when I stepped off the trail to take care of some urgent business and John, who had gotten fairly far ahead of me, decided I might be having a problem and so came back looking for me. You guessed it, he walked right by where I was hidden from view and retraced almost 5 kilometers looking for me. By then I was back on the trail making my way forward. Eventually I guessed what had happened and started waiting for him at places he would naturally stop and wait for me. We finally reunited about Kilometer 9. So, I walked 13 miles today and a John walked 19. The only good news is his left leg feels fine.

We finally arrived in Sarria a little after 4:00, soaked, tired and ready for our day off tomorrow. One indication we need it is we both slept 11 hours yesterday, starting with a nap in the late afternoon and then getting to bed around 8:30 (what else do you do in a cold room in a 460 year old villa when it is raining with gusty winds outside?).

Hope to do a little reflecting on the blog tomorrow. Lots on my mind.

Blessings and love to all.

PS Almost forgot. We met a gal from Lucca today who loves to go to Gli Orti (our favorite restaurant there).  Gave her a business card to give to Samuele and Silvia.