Day 6 September 17

We are having a peaceful break on our day off in Sarria. Slept another ten hours last night and just woke up from a two hour nap. Obviously, we have needed the rest.

After a good breakfast and working on a blog reflection this morning, we went out to get some more cash (which has happened less frequently than I thought it would) and then a light (only one course) lunch.

When I finish this, we will do our daily rosary (a little late today) and then go down to a bar we found this morning that had a pastry shop next to it for a little treat. To be followed in a couple of hours by dinner and then, hopefully, another good night’s sleep.

Big day tomorrow as we begin the first of our last five days on the Camino. As we are very close to the magical 100 kilometers from Santiago (the minimum required to receive a compostella, which is like a graduation certificate for completing the Camino), the number of pilgrims has increased. But we just try and stay focused on our pilgrimage.

Since I know some of you enjoy pictures, here’s couple of random “walking with John” shots.

If you look carefully, you can see the scallop shell image in the grill work on the right above. The wall on the left is a long mural commemorating the Camino. Her’s another view of that wall.

Blessings to all.