Day 2 September 21

Since we had a shorter day, John let me sleep until 7:00. Meant we didn’t start walking until 8:15, but the fog made it seem earlier.

Our walk today was relatively light and fairly easy.

Out into the country…

Bars still crowded with ever increasing pilgrims.

But the ever present scallop shell symbol always in view (this was taken in the men’s room!).

Around noon the sun broke through…

and an interesting thing happened. We just kept walking, John fifty yards ahead of me, the two of us slowly moving forward, almost as if we were in a dream. While we did stop by the side of the path a couple of times to chat quietly, we never stopped for lunch or an afternoon break.  It was if we were both trying to totally embrace the experience we have shared for the last five weeks before it comes to an end. And so, let me share images of what I experienced as I walked.

We arrived at our Hotel in Pedrouzo a little before 3:30. Kilometer marker 18.

Right now I am filled with all sorts of emotions. The anticipation of actually SEEING and then arriving in Santiago. My three years of preparation coming to an end (am I happy or sad? Answer: yes). All of what I have learned and how to concisely write it down (don’t worry I am going to try on Wednesday. Already have a name: Buen Camino).  The fact I have just filled out my last backpack transport tag and done (I hope) my last laundry.

I hope I sleep well tonight. Cold still has a head of steam. Other than that, my body feels pretty good.

So good night. May God bless you all.