Day 3 September 20 Photos

Knowing we had a tough day ahead of us, we got a fairly early start (John is letting me sleep a little later because of my cold).

Very soon, we had a little inspiration.

Then out into the country.

The countryside seemed more gentle but still lovely.

I particularly liked the covered pathways we encountered periodically.

At our coffee break mid-morning, we encountered two women from Wales (Adele and Julie) whom we had been talking with almost every day for a week. We had a good chat as they ate their ice cream bars.

They are very nice and are doing the Camino to raise money for charity (people have committed about three thousand Euros if they finish, which I am sure they will).

Fr. Paul showed up just as we were finishing and was excited to show us his latest church bulletin, which includes a column he provides from the Camino. Turns out he mentioned John and me and wanted us to see what he had written

Hope you can read it. John and I are now in print (pardon the Irish exaggeration).

More walking.

More nice covered pathways

One good size town to pass through.

Since we are getting close to Santiago, our pathways often parallel major highways.

More walking… It seemed endless!

At a late afternoon break, guess what I found to cheer me up?

My mother used to love them.

As we approached our destination, we experienced some wonderful scenery in the late afternoon light.

And finally, at a bit after 7:00 PM, we reached our destination, which had this kilometer marker right outside.

That’s right. We covered lots of ground and Santiago is right around the corner.