Day 4 September 19 Photos

Day (not us) started out in a fog

It actually made for wonderful walking weather, other than the fact you couldn’t see much.

Perhaps the most recognizable symbol for the Camino is the scallop shell (if you want to know the legnd(s) behind this, you can google it). Anyone with a scallop shell attached to their backpack (as in the next picture) is announcing to the world he or she is a Camino pilgrim.

The cross on some of the scallop shells is the cross of St. James.

John still has the original scallop he bought in St. Jean. I inadvertently crushed mine the second day out. I bought a replacement but have it safely stored where I cannot hurt it.

About mid-day the weather cleared…

Revealing some beautiful scenery.

The increased number of pilgrims kept the bars busy…

But we still had a relaxed lunch (this is actually John’s second lunch).

We arrived in Palad de Rei in late afternoon. The day was more challenging than we had anticipated.

But here we were at kilometer marker…

Later I took the following picture to remind me to mention Mary is very popular in Spain. I swear half the churches are named for her.