Day 1 September 22

We arrived around 3:30 PM. Ueventful last day, other than the fact it rained for awhile.

The day was overcast all day long. If you look closely at the picture you can see pilgrims walking from left to right. This picture was taken about 10:00 AM.

Our route was split between walking along roads and the covered paths I like so much.

It was not as crowded as I thought it would but there was very little talking. Everyone sermed focused on getting to Santiago. As we got close to the city, I was filled with thoughts of all I had experienced in the last five weeks. For some reason, the small blue and violet flowers along the road that always reminded me of  God’s presence in his creation came to mind. I came around a bend and guess what was there to say a final “You are cherished.”?

My biggest surprise of the day involved what Santiago looked like. Somehow I thought of Santiago as being similar to Disney’s Magic kingdom. Not sure why, but I think it has to do with pictures shown in books I have read. In fact, Santiago is a large metropolitan area, and when you first see it the “historic old city” (where the cathedral resides) is not even visible.

In fact, it was over a mile’s walk through the city to get to our destination.

Once there, we got a couple of pictures taken…

The second one included a backwoods cigar I had carried the whole Camino.

And, after that, we decided to find our hotel…which ended up taking close to an hour. But, thanks to John, we finally made it.

We plan to go to the Pilgrims Mass in the Cathedral tonight before dinner, and then SLEEP AS LATE AS WE WANT tomorrow.

More to come tomorrow.

Blessings to all.