About Bill Rich

Bill Rich will be 76 in November of this year. He has been married for fifty three years to Frannie Rich, who is an absolute saint for letting him take off to try and walk the Camino.

Bill and Frannie live in Juno Beach, FL most of the year, with summers spent at a summer home in New Hampshire. Most of Bill’s training for his pilgrimage was done in New Hampshire, where the hilly gravel roads provide an ideal environment for this kind of activity.

The Riches have six children and eleven (at last count) grandchildren. They raised their family in Connecticut. Bill worked for IBM for thirty years and has been a permanent deacon in the Roman Catholic Church for twenty-eight years.

Bill and Frannie are incredibly grateful for their faith, the fullness of their lives and the love of their family and friends.

Bill is a dreamer.

1 thought on “About Bill Rich

  1. Anonymous

    I am so happy to see and read that You and John have had a successful trip and fulfilled your dream.
    On to Paris, and more fun………….

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